Environmental Technology Water Treatment

Complete product range for rainwater harvesting. Internationally we focus on oil water separation technology, stormwater treatment and the prevention of oil spills. 


Manhole Equipment and Concrete Pipes Accessories and

Consumables such as manhole steps and gaskets for concrete pipes and manholes, the PERFECT system for the production of monolithic manhole bases, and PERFECT PIPE, a merging of product benefits of robust concrete pipes and durable plastic liners. 


Based in Upper Austria, operating globally

We are an Upper Austrian trading company with an international focus in the field of environmental technology.

Our success is essentially based on two business areas:

  • On the one hand we supply our customers with trading products that can be grouped together under the generic term Environmental Technology and are splitted in the following areas:
    - Rainwater Harvesting
    - Rainwater Treatment
    - Infiltration and Rainwater Retention
    - Separation Technology (Oil/Water Separators, Grease Interceptors)
  • On the other hand, we are proud of our second mainstay, which includes products for the production of precast concrete elements, the revolutionary systems PERFECT Base and PERFECT Pipe. Also assigned to this area is our wide range of high-quality and innovative manhole steps, which are used as entry aids in manholes.